For The Love Of Boys

For The Love Of Boys

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage…

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage…



April 21, 2013 I took a pregnancy test and saw two pink lines that would forever change my life. Coleman and I were taking a marriage course as we had been recently engaged. As we were young, we wanted help with communication skills and other marital advice. Second night into our weekend getaway and after a night out for dinner, I told Coleman I needed to stop at a drug store. Previously to this weekend I had been feeling a bit off. More tired (drinking 8 cups of coffee a day at work) slightly crampy, and sick on and off. I had told my mom the week before that I was about 10 days late and had been feeling sick here and there, but that wasn’t completely uncommon for me so I didn’t think too much of it. I had thought that I would get good ol’ “aunt flow” during the getaway but as I now was about 15 days late I figured I better get a test. The fact that we were somewhere away from our “real life,” and together made it seem like a good time to find out. Coleman wandered around in the store with me and just thought I was being paranoid as I got the test. Once getting into our room I went right away and peed on the stick. I left it on the ledge of the bathroom while brushing my teeth. Coleman didn’t even know I had already taken it. So, imagine his surprise when I called him in and showed him what I had seen. Looking down at the test I noticed two bright pink lines. It was almost an out of body experience. Suddenly everything changed right then, right there. Suddenly this was serious. Yes we were wanting to get married and eventually have kids….but it was happening right now! Coleman didn’t believe me when I showed the test to him. He made me take the other one that came in the box. I am pretty sure Coleman was white as he realized there was no mistaking this. We sat in silenc

e for a moment. Then cried, and then laughed. Every imaginable emotion flooded in. We didn’t even know what to do next. Even though nothing had changed about where we were and what we were doing, everything inside of us had changed. I called my mom shaking as I prepared for her reaction. When she responded with grace and support I broke down. Relieved that I wasn’t about to get disowned for getting into this situation, and appreciative for the warmth a mom brings to a situation like this.

The next day on our way home we felt the anxiety kick in. Not one second went by where I had forgotten about what was inside of me. Getting home and talking with our families it was decided that we would married as soon as we could plan it. I found out I was due on Dec.21,13 and I was about 6 weeks along. The date for the wedding was set for July 21, 2013 as we found a venue that would take us and I wouldn’t be showing too much. (Take note of the number 21 in these events) Wedding dress shopping begun, parties took place and we purchased a house. Things started falling into place, but the stress took its toll.  Coleman always had worked away in oil and gas, but since the baby news he was hardly taking any time to come home. He was feeling the pressure and the only way he felt he was able to handle it all was to provide. We went from living at home with hardly any expenses… to buying a home and getting married all within a few months.

A day before the wedding Coleman arrived home and we prepared for the big event. It almost felt surreal as it happened so fast. Despite the stress, the excitement was building. So many people and so much generosity went in to making this day so special. My aunties neighbors hooked us up with a limo, and the other neighbor had a photo booth set up. Another aunt spent hours and days helping me find the perfect dress! My friend and her parents let us use all of their wedding decorations and helped set it all up. My parents did so much I can’t even begin to list it all. So many friends and so much family made everything happen in such a short amount of time.

I woke up the day of the wedding and felt so much excitement, nervousness and happiness. Lucky to be surrounded by love and amazed at the support. Imagining being Mrs. Blair in only a matter of hours was such a surreal thought. We had a makeup artist come to the house early that morning and Missy, (my bridesmaid and best friend since grade 1) did our hair. Finally, it was time to head on in to the venue.

Arriving at the venue was making it all feel so real. We could see everyone out of the tinted windows arriving and going in. It was such an odd feeling knowing that they were all there to watch Coleman and I say our I do’s. We got in and when it was finally time to walk down the isle the jitters set in big time. I am not one to like a bunch of attention, so knowing I had all eyes on me while being pregnant added a sense of anxiety. With an arm around my dad we headed in. I can’t say that the nerves went away once I saw Coleman standing there, but I did get excited. I also couldn’t wait for it all to just be done.  It does go by so much faster than you think. We did our pictures in between the ceremony and reception. During this time, the pregnancy feelings kicked in big time. I was hungry, uncomfortable and hot. We did our pictures some-what quickly so that we could enjoy the rest of our day. Things fell in to place pretty smoothly. We had an amazing lunch, and some friendly speeches. I didn’t write down a speech as I thought I would just wing it, but I was so wrong. My pregnant hormonal self didn’t foresee the extreme emotions that would come on. The tears flooded out as I said just one word into the mic. I was unable to even remotely put myself back together. I was laughing and crying all at once. It was so bad I just dove my head into the side of Coleman’s shoulder while handing him the mic in hopes he would save me from this mess, and make something up. He said a thank you to everyone for all they did. Around 4 pm, and after a long day we decided to head out to our honeymoon getaway. One of my mom’s friends had lent us her holiday condo in Radium. We got to my parents’ house to change and get ready to go. I took off my dress (with a massive relief) and got something comfortable on. We stopped in Banff at the Keg for dinner on our way to Radium. It was so weird that no one knew that this was our wedding day! I wished that we had planned this better and maybe spent a night with our friends and family before heading out…or at least letting the restaurant know that it was a seriously special occasion for us. We just kept looking at each other and talking about how crazy it was that we were married. 7 months before hand had just decided to get married and here we were, pregnant and married with a house being built.

Getting to radium was so amazing. The condo was beautiful, it was hot and there was a pool. What more could you need. The next 4 days we just relaxed so hard.

After a few restful days we were back to reality.   Coleman was headed back up to work again for another 30 days and I was back to work. Our house wasn’t going to be ready for another 3 months so we were just staying at our parents for that time. The time in-between being married and moving into our house seemed to take forever, but looking back I was so lucky to have lived at home for much of my pregnancy. Especially since Coleman was hardly ever home. Oct. 21,13, we were given the keys to move into our newly built home. What an adjustment it was to actually have something that was ours together to share. Setting up our house kept me occupied while I waited for the baby to show up. My “nesting” instincts kicked in and I was ready for my new role to start.

On Dec.21, 13 (Yes another 21) Kipton was born. When I think back on all we had gone through in that year I can’t help but love Coleman more. Marrying him was the biggest and most rewarding choice I have made. A lot of young guys wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of responsibility he had to take on, plus provide what he did. I feel lucky for the man he is and what he has given up for our family.

Without a doubt, we would have gotten through some things with much more ease had we been more careful about preventing pregnancy. We also may have had less struggle had we waited a few years before getting married, as life experience comes with age. With all of this being said however, I have no regrets. This is our story and I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of this being a part of my journey. When we are thrown some curve balls in life, we have the opportunity to rise or to fall. All of the events that we embarked on that year, were results of our choices. I wouldn’t say that everyone should just go get married and have kids at 20 years old, but I am glad that for us in our situation, we did. Kip is our biggest blessing. He allowed us to rise in our relationship, in our marriage and in our future. We have come such a long way since then, and have gone through years of trials and blessings in such a short amount of time. I hope that by being transparent about our experiences we will inspire our kids to make cautious choices.


It has been 4 years since we have been married. We have learned that living together is hard. To mesh two separate people with opposite ideas about how things should go, takes some give and take. We are still learning how to do this, and I almost think it could take a lifetime. After all it would get boring if things just went smoothly all the time, right? Marriage has allowed us to be our most vulnerable, and taught us to rely on each other.  When you get married you see the best and the worst part of the other person. You have to learn what it means to actually be quick to forgive, and slow to anger. I think the most rewarding part of marriage so far has been that your daily routine includes someone else. You get to share things with that person that is not even comparable to any other relationship you may have elsewhere. I love looking back to where we have been and where we are going. We really have come so far from the barely out of high school couple that we once were. Challenges will continue to come and continue to test our strength. People don’t generally get married intending for it not to work out, however the statistic for divorce is 50 %. It’s easy to give up when things get too hard or when you are going through a rut in the relationship. Constantly you have to work at things and be willing to learn what it is that you can do to be better. Sharing my life with the guy I love will never get old. I refuse to give up and will try my best to be thankful no matter what each day. Coleman is my person forever. He has had my heart since high school, and he will have it until we are old and grey. It may not be the perfect story but its ours. Best day ever was choosing to be his wife!